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Sean's Windows 10 Install & Optimization Guide


You do NOT need this to be a BOOTABLE volume (since you only boot from the SSD), but the rest of the options should be set correctly. All Rights Reserved Theme designed by Audentio Design. Windows will take up ~ 7-15GB after the guide is complete. It is a required partition for any GPT formatted drive under Windows. weblink

It will be under "Settings," click the "Change User Account Control settings" icon. Click the Radio button for "Install the Vista/Win7 bootloader to the MBR" Click "Write MBR". (This will make a copy of your current BCD onto your SSD.) Before exiting, click the Thanks for the advice. Boot into single user mode and use tunefs(8) -t enable to re-enable it on each filesystem.

Sean's Windows 10 Install & Optimization Guide

GPT disks do not allow for hidden sectors (as was the case with MBR). Isn't that on by default on EFI enabled mobos? #7 Burner27, Feb 22, 2012 Jocelyn84 Senior member Joined: Mar 21, 2010 Messages: 232 Likes Received: 0 techvslife said: ↑ Thanks Thanks.Click to expand...

  1. However, this may hurt performance in older first gen SSDs and HDDs.
  2. MBR drives are limited to four partition table entries, unless a secondary "extended" partition structure is created.
  3. Now that all is over and your system is all set up, brand new, and ready to go I say have fun, be safe, and enjoy!
  4. However, I'm of course worried that there's more to this than meets the eye. @coup27, I'm referring to manual overprovisioning, not the one done in the Magician.
  5. No need to actually uninstall it from the HD until you are at least sure all is well on the SSD.
  6. Type Active, press Enter.
  7. Not to the line for the swap partition!An adapted line may look like this:UUID=f0ae2c59-83d2-42e7-81c4-2e870b6b255d / ext4 noatime,errors=remount-ro 0 1Note: this is one line!8.
  8. That was scheduled for April, then July, and now it's pushed back to October I think.
  9. Not all controllers offer AHCI; check your chipset and BIOS.

Type Format Quick FS=FAT32, press Enter. So, I need the optimal way to set that up. People are having issues with the GPT format because they don't know how to troubleshoot and since I can not have their PC in front of me I can't troubleshoot for Ssd Optimization Guide Windows 10 Can you pin down a bit what you mean by first gen SSD's?

If you do not have a GOP compatible GFX card, usually you can usually get a GOP firmware from the manufacturer's forum or possibly here on OCN. Sean's Ssd Guide Windows 7 It is simple, light on resources and easy to use. It is known that the last sectors of SSD is reserved for data recovery, and that's why he is worried. additional hints Do not put the page file on a RAM disk, it is much better to have it on the SSD or HDD. (Why to have the page file on an SSD)

However, if you are reusing a SSD containing previous data, you should however do a "SATA erase" in order to actually wipe and rejuvenate the SSD before putting new data.Annoyingduck wrote:-Unrelated Ide Or Ahci For Hdd Type Clean, press Enter. She said she did not know but passed it onto Samsung for a response and this is what I got back today: "Hi please refer to the below (answer from our Restart and the lock screen will have gone.

Sean's Ssd Guide Windows 7

Type Format Quick FS=NTFS, press Enter. Video Tut: Configure drive using an UEFI motherboard and GPT format: Info on GPT (Click to show)This guide is for utilizing a Microsoft Operating System (Apple OS and Linux distros, may Sean's Windows 10 Install & Optimization Guide x86 (32-bit) Windows installations do not support GPT boot devices. Windows 10 Install & Optimization Guide For Ssds & Hdds Hibernation File: Applies to SSDs/HDDs (You need hibernation enabled for "fast startup" (Hybrid Boot)) I advise you keep your hibernation file as it will allow for fast start up.

Thermaltake is a company that pursues creativity and offers a variety of... http://webcomputerrepair.com/windows-10/windows-10-sysprep-guide.html Data critical to platform operation is located in partitions, and not in un-partitioned or "hidden" sectors which in certain instances, can lead to system instability. It is just easier for me than reinstalling later.System Setup after Installation: -> (Click to show) Be sure to see if the steps apply for either SSDs only or applies to You can disable blank password restrictions by using a policy. Ide Or Ahci Windows 10

When the Automatically Log On dialog box appears, enter the user name you wish to automatically login to Windows 7 with. Follow tutorial here: (link) *Possibly* Update the firmware on your SSDs, HDDs, Mobos, etc. Filesystems and TRIM FreeBSD's UFS filesystem supports TRIM. check over here Hi Both my Crucial and OCZ 2.5" SSD's came with mounting hardware (2.5" to 3.5")and screws....

the SH100S3 SSD, can be found here: support page. Ahci Hard Drive Not Detected I recently added a SSD but I used that as a reason to move from 13.1 to 13.2. The reset is easily accomplished in a three step procedure denoted on the SSD memory cell clearing wiki article.

Under "Performance" click the "Settings..." button.

I now want an easy way out. Type List Disk, press Enter. I agree, all is not lost however as you can repair this from the command prompt with the Windows 7 install disk. Uefi Ahci Difference Type in 1000 (or b/w 1-20 seconds, default time is 12000) and click on OK.

Download Space Sniffer here: (link) You are done! The Magician Software can be used to make a USB drive bootable with the firmware update. Exact details depend on the file system used. this content So it is not necessary to use -a here, and leaving it out avoids the problem with earlier versions of gpart(8) mentioned above.

Maybe I should delete opensuse, add the ssd and install a fresh copy of opensuse, leaving Win 7 on the existing drive. Apparently a better solution is to schedule 'fstrim' to run, e.g. Drives of any sort seldom get shipped with the mounting hardware. Top niowluka Level 5 Posts: 733 Joined: Tue May 27, 2014 6:28 pm Location: Krakow, Poland Re: TRIM Qestions For SSD Upgrade Quote Postby niowluka » Thu Sep 25, 2014 3:15

A quick question if I may? There are ways to recover from that, but there's also a way to prevent it. by Jedson3614 › Logitech G533 Wireless DTS 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset... The next section, "Optimizations after System Setup:," is more of an optional set of optimizations to get a little more out of your system.

Ext4 Yes Yes [1] Btrfs Yes Yes JFS Yes Yes [2] XFS Yes Yes [3] F2FS Yes Yes VFAT Yes No ntfs-3g No Yes since version 2015.3.14, [4] Warning: Users need On the File menu, click 'Add/Remove Snap-in', then in the 'Add or Remove Snap-ins' dialog box, click 'Group Policy Object Editor', and then click 'Add'. It will be under "Settings," click the "Windows Update" icon. You can choose whatever you like though, it is up to you.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. What is a good 2tb HDD Install W7 on brand new samsung 830 SSD? Thanks for the new guide Sean , very helpful! There may be compatibility issues with some of your programs so please be aware.

Also the SSD will have to be set to active.