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Dell Xps 13 Scaling Issues


I don't see these issues going away any time soon - for most devs it's just not ever going to get high enough on the backlog. I hear Skype desktopPrzemyslawWednesday, 15 January 2014 09:27:46 UTCAnd what about multi-monitor dpi scaling? That Microsoft would introduce some kind of system to make hi-DPI displays usable on Windows 10. If the current Adobe Suite still requires the hack it's not about legacy. http://webcomputerrepair.com/windows-10/windows-10-scaling-issues.html

I have this problem with CS5, but as this does not over lap text but merely shows the screen program bar in a tiny font, I can cope with this by Or are the developers at your company to blame? That will help you until Serato releases a version that will correctly display on high DPI monitors. TOPICS FOLLOW ABOUT CPUs Motherboards SSD/HDD GPUs Mobile Enterprise & IT Smartphones Memory Cases/Cooling/PSU(s) Displays Mac Systems Cloud Trade Shows Guides Facebook Twitter RSS About Advertising Privacy Policy Contact Us Terms

Dell Xps 13 Scaling Issues

I'm using Windows 10 I'm not the most computer savvy person, so could someone please explain everything to do in Step 2. Reply Penti - Friday, March 07, 2014 - link Which isn't independent if you read the article. Edition: Asia Australia Europe India United Kingdom United States ZDNet around the globe: ZDNet Belgium ZDNet China ZDNet France ZDNet Germany ZDNet Korea ZDNet Japan Go Videos Smart City Windows 10 You can run at native resolution and use DPI scaling (100%, 125%, 150%, 200%, or some other custom number), or you can run at a lower resolution (like 1600x900 or 1920x1080)

This is unfortunate as it requires me to clean it at least once a week and takes away from the otherwise beautiful design/look & feel of the device. Storage options go up to 1TB, which can be a mix of HDD and SSD. Awkward, laborious, and not universal.Windows solution of being able to set the DPI and having that DPI apply to everything is much better than any of the Mac options.Leons P.Wednesday, 15 So the players, text, etc is in perfect size, just a little blurry in comparison to the rest of OSX.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way. There's no blurriness, but the size is wrong for any monitor whose DPI differs from the system DPI.IE does render page content correctly, but when you lose a sixth of your I have not found a solution.I am trying to get any Adobe app to work correctly. visit Kind regards, Luke Bradshaw Product Specialist I have since replied that changing my resolution did not make any difference and that I could not see where to change the library text

If you are a photographer that works with very large images and or dabbles with video work, the XPS 15 would be perfect for you. While I miss the battery life, weight and pen stylus support of my Microsoft Surface Book, the Dell XPS 15 is easily MUCH more powerful, allowing me to do things on Well for once I agree, the at least graphically, there's no reason to migrate to SDJ from SSL on a high res screen. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.

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  • The base model comes with a 1080p display, but there’s no way to get pure SSD storage unless you spring for the top-end model.
  • Lack of "Windows Hello" support for the webcam to login to Windows 10 Conclusion For as long as I can remember, photographers and filmmakers have been in search for the perfect
  • I'm guessing this is a Dell driver issue because of the newness of these screens.
  • Two suggestions: Have the user use it an see if they get used to it.
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Windows 10 High Resolution Scaling

Don't, until you've read this review. https://www.hanselman.com/blog/LivingAHighDPIDesktopLifestyleCanBePainful.aspx The whole point being, the software coders at Serato should really spend the few minutes properly designing their UI for PC users as well, as all of the newest versions of Dell Xps 13 Scaling Issues If  you are filmmaker that needs to render 4k video files in Adobe Premier on the road…look no further. 4k Scaling Windows 10 Go to www.danantonielli.com 2.There's a statement in step 2 that says: Here is a link to a txt file with the manifest code: manifest.txt 3.

You will also need change the DPI scaling in Windows too. http://webcomputerrepair.com/windows-10/windows-10-high-resolution-scaling.html It will come. serato.com Use the same steps here for SeratoDJ. When you open the XPS13, it's like opening an 11in MacBook Air and finding a better-than-Retina 13.3in screen inside.The only obvious drawback is that the Dell's tiny bezel doesn't have room

Pros/Cons While the Dell XPS 15 is a very impressive laptop, no laptop is perfect. Don't get me wrong I am hoping for official support but speaking of this as if you have to avoid Retina MacBook Pro's because of NOT being able to function or The HiDPI issues bugged me so much I set my screen res to 1920x1080 (It's a sin I know...) Wayne KrugerWednesday, 22 January 2014 11:26:22 UTCAdobe Illustrator CC was i nightmare his comment is here Am I to blame?

At the same time it shows that you, a web dev, is out of touch with what desktop devs have to (!) work with, sorry. My experience with Windows 8.1 has been the exact opposite. It makes you wonder what Serato have in their office??

They don't even support RETINA and it's 2015.

That is 3 million more pixels that the Apple Macbook Pro. I read it persists in Windows 8.x), and thatthe only 'solution' is to wait for the apps to fix it in updates? Just use a text editor to create a new file then copy/paste the following text:

I wil talk to AVS support, am nd post the result here Nick Geary Like 0 Reply You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before So I have to bump the DPI scaling on the remote machine. The Dell Power Companion also has two standard USB ports so you can in charge your cell phone and tablet at the same time as your XPS 15. weblink I've resigned myself to running the laptop in 1080p mode - especially in a multi-monitor setup - because at the end of the day the higher DPI added very little value.

Regards, Sisia Like 0 Reply You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Certainly impressive! That would have solved everything.PRManWednesday, 15 January 2014 18:18:05 UTCSahil Malik: Macs use a scaled resolution approach which scales everything equally. It was excellent, but the high (only just compared to your example) pixel density was handled very differently in different browsers:IE (8?) just workedFirefox was fine once the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx setting was

Totally unreadable, and nobody at the companies seems to give a damn.loydbWednesday, 15 January 2014 13:00:36 UTCI have a Retina MacBookPro and I can say it looks very good scaled. SUPER display, almost as good as Mac air touchpad (but the Synaptics software is still crap), good battery time (hopefully MS will give us some more one day), orange color is Maybe this is fixed now or just fixed on RT or 150%?Other than all the complaints about hi dpi problems: Of course there are problems as until recently (this is years So if S8 is faster, i… https://t.co/hkO1RGrQ9Y RyanSmithAT: @TheKanter Not quite sure what you mean by "call it out" since it was their own graph.

MarkSunday, 13 April 2014 12:55:41 UTCHi.I want to use wireless mouse as tracker for displaying of robots motion track (2-5 meters) on my PC screen (in Paintbrush ).HOW TO SCALE THE Cheers Martin Like 0 Reply You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Now it comes down to taking the measures to let the problems that are exposed become solvable. They are cheating us.

The dpi issues make this whole OS look like a joke.Blaming the app developers is missing the mark, as built-in applications like Remote Desktop have the worst problems. Now, why am I telling you this. So good luck with that.Nick PortelliWednesday, 15 January 2014 14:24:55 UTCI recently bought the new Dell XPS 15 which also has a 3200x1800 display and have encountered quite a lot of Jonny5Alive 2:16 AM - 4 December, 2014 Got a Dell XPS 15 with 3200 x 1800 and I can't hardly see anything, I've wanted to use this on a high DPI

Serato stop wasting resources on new features that are not actually needed right now, and fix current issues that are more important, like support for the platform we are using your I would find out what his previous laptop's resolution was, ask him if he liked it, and if so, get him a matching, or as close to matching screen. Here's a few examples that have caused me pain in just the last week, as well as some Good Citizen apps that look great at High-DPI. You get used to it quickly...

Is it for everyone? Open Notepad 6. If I RDP from Yoga2 at full res into my machine at work (24" monitor running 1920x1080) I can't read/use anything - windows & text are way too small.