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Task Scheduler Not Running Program


If you run into this and want to run the script below remember to do a db backup (you never now) and note down how the scheduled jobs are configured so Register New password Log in DXC Service CMS Commerce Add-ons Ektron Documentation Blogs Forum Support Blogs / 2016 / 11 / Per Nergård Views: 441 I never found out what the problem were exactly but clearing the scheduld job- and log-table fixed the issue. Hmm strange, and to make things even more strange I could see that other builtin jobs were running perfectly. have a peek at this web-site

Please login to post a comment 300 Your comment cannot be empty Submit © Episerver 2017 | About Episerver World Since I was 100% sure this would be the end of the problem I didn't verify that the job actually did run on the new date which it didn't. If / when I get that I will update the post. And yes the job hadn't been run as it supposed to.I didn't think that much about it and settled for running it manually and changing the next scheduled date a couple https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/8d2338cd-02d9-42f4-b122-9511dbdb3010/scheduled-jobs-issue?forum=w8itprogeneral

Task Scheduler Not Running Program

Have you logged support ticket? (By Per Nergård , 17 November 2016 09:08, Permanent link) Yes I have a support ticket open but haven't got a response as to what can ALTER TABLE tblScheduledItemLog NOCHECK CONSTRAINT ALLALTER TABLE tblScheduledItemLog CHECK CONSTRAINT ALL delete [tblScheduledItemLog]delete [tblScheduledItem] (By code monkey , 17 November 2016 01:25, Permanent link) So, what's the root cause of this So I logged into admin mode and checked the job history. Thanks to the support for the script.