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All values will be enclosed in double quotes for you, so you should not add the quotes yourself in this command line. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot] and 0 guests Board index All times are UTC Delete all board cookies The team Contact us Powered by phpBB Forum Software Anyway, at this stage they both had the same modified date/time, and the streams of both were the same. MichaelS Posts: 139Joined: Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:19 amLocation: MeanWhile City Top by Carl Colijn » Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:47 am MichaelS wrote:Carl Colijn wrote:But I still do think

Comprehensive Admit/Ding Results Discussion Thread . I could probably add an interface, with options to set and stuff, but yeah, it will work the way it is now anyway (i.e. Also, as a Sandboxie user, I appreciate you shared this utility, thus bringing more attention upon a much needed feature. Hopefully Tzuk will build something similar into the product eventually but a nice add-on meantime. http://www.twologs.com/en/resources/sandboxiereflector.asp

There are some restrictions, caveats, disclaimers etc.; they are all noted on the SandboxieReflector page at my web site - you can also download the zip file from there. SandboxieReflector allows you to define commands that force designated applications to always run in a certain sandbox, also when called from inside another one. View user's . Since the SandboxieReflector.ini file is readable by anyone (even the baddies), this would mean a giant security breach. (as if like it's worthwhile to build circumvention code for all 10+ people

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  • Skip navigation links ITservicesand productdevelopment TwoLogs ITservicesand productdevelopment SandboxieReflector - version 12.3.19 Introduction SandboxieReflector was created by Carl Colijn, TwoLogs, primarily to scratch my own itch.
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  • If the file contents are changed (adding the content) then the date is affected.

Many satisfied users recommends to try it. This settings file should be named "SandboxieReflector.ini", and should be placed next to the "Effectuator.exe" file. However, as I address reported issues and problems, I will move associated topics to this forum. Follow us .

There are currently two types of commands supported (both not case sensitive); /quit Quits the Effectuator. /exec [/p [ [ [...]]]] Executes the given You now receive an e-mail with a link in it which you want to visit. Ghostblade4802: Posts: 56: Joined: Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:23 am. If a parallel (summary) stream is added then the file date isn't changed.

it needs sanding right back (like a more major ding) or whether there's a .

Age of Wushu • View topic - WTS----Taiji Sword Dance 1 = 6 When you install an app in it's own sandbox, and when the app registers some file associations, those associations are only going to be effective when you open an Explorer instance No new . The command line issued to a Reflector is passed on verbatim to the Effectuator.

Author's name is Carl Colijn. Version 12.3.13 Added DDE proxying support so file associations using DDE will also be able to open. when you want to force certain apps to run in their own sandbox, thus not polluting other sandboxes along the way (run FireFox in it's own sandbox even when started from Click here to get more information about System Explorer Is the Process "effectuator.exe" Safe or Threat ?Latest new variant of the file with name "effectuator.exe" was discovered 846 days ago.

No doubt, what you presented would be a welcomed addition. Or you can go beyond setting mere comments with another of Kilmatead's finest: Residuum Top Kilmatead Cæsium Member Posts: 4522 Joined: 2008 Sep 30, 06:52 Location: Dublin Quote Post by Kilmatead It is a user-contributed utility for use with the excellent Windows security application Sandboxie; check it out if you haven't already! Download System Explorer.

By specifying the "UsesDDE" setting, the Reflector will pass on the DDE initialization calls straight to the just opened application, and from then on Explorer will talk to the correct application Without wanting to sound arrogant, I believe a lot more users would emphasize the wish for such a feature if they'd be aware of the implications and benefits of it. Buster се завърна   Released Buster Sandbox Analyzer 1.88 - Final Release Changes: + Added support for MAEC 3.0 reports + Fixed VirusTotal report information __________________ http://bsa.isoftware.nl   http://www.sandboxie.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=6557&start=855 3 души The Orgy of Pigs & Elephants & Donkeys in Uncle Sam's Whorehouse Part 14 of the musical by .

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e-Autenticador.exe Embrap - Autenticador PPPoE www.embrap.com.br e-Auto.exe E-Auto Trident's Software E-barangay.exe WindowsApplication1 Microsoft e-base.exe E-Beat.exe E-Beat NewWayElectronics E-boda Sunny V38 2SIM USB Driver For Windows.exe You can also check most distributed file variants with name effectuator.exe. ding integration with zend framework .

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    And we always knew that our .

    To test I created a plain text file containing "text", the streams looked like: Code: Select allTYPE SIZE NAME CONTENT ------------------------------- T:\Xplorer2 testing\New File.txt 3 104 (empty) 01 00 04 80 Thank you. Unstoppable/Parches: 3 pts. This is executable file.

    In fact, almost anything being started/opened through ShellExecute should be able to work. I just added a comment with xplorer2 and then another with notebook to the same RAR, the Modified changed each time.  On some file types, e.g. Ding! This can be useful in several ways; e.g.

    Each execution profile section should be noted as follows: [ExecProfile_] Box= UsesDDE= CmdLine= The settings are: Section name Should start with ExecProfile_, to which the profile's Whether the command also uses DDE to accomplish it's task. I have thought about adding DDE proxying support to SandboxieReflector, but since this can be solved by white-listing window classes once Sandboxie supports running apps cross-sandboxed, I'll pass on that as Top .

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    Helpful Links Meet the Staff Team Our Community Guidelines We Use Cookies Trophies And Levels Open the Quick Navigation Need Malware Removal Help? Thus, when either the source or target application is sandboxed, Sandboxie will rightfully block any message coming from the sandboxed application to protect the rest of the system. Did I tell you I wanted to leave it at version 12.2.22? Powered by phpBB © 2001, 2005 phpBB Group.

    I have read the SandboxieReflector page and I'm going to test it and put it at work today. When an application supports DDE for opening files, it can say so when registering it's file association in the registry by adding a "ddeexec" key. To add comments I use Actions, Set Comment in Xplorer2 (or toolbar icon), enter the text and click okay. This setting should typically be set to C:\Program Files\Sandboxie.

    As for other possible scoring aspects (remember, .

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    Oct The Effectuator needs to be running for Reflectors to be able to contact it. It now has 5 streams, so the comment seems to have been added as an additional stream, but the modified date/time has been updated. Looks like I'll have to create a script to save the current created and modified date/time, launch the extended properties dialog, then reset the date/time to original.

    Application X is thus not known to any applications outside of that sandbox. If anyone's reluctant to using this utility, you should know that it doesn't have any impact on performance (i.e. CmdLine The command line to start (inside the above specified sandbox, or outside any sandbox).